No matter how good your multiple cybersecurity tools are, an attacker will eventually find a way into your network through vulnerabilities. 

Once cybercriminals acquire unauthorised access, you can only depend on the speed and performance of your IT team, to identify the threats, to manage multiple platforms to mitigate the attack. However, the time to respond and mitigate could last for hours or even days. 

Watch the webinar recording session (1 Hour) to find out how you can now extend your cyber defense perimeter to the ISP level

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eSentinel™ is a simplified all-in-one (360°) cybersecurity protection platform for business, an additional cyber defense layer at the ISP level.

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What You'll Learn

Cybersecurity solution such as eSentinel provide digital protection to your business that will ensure your employees and critical assets aren't at risk from potential threats such as DDoS attacks, unauthorised access and many more. Here’s what this webinar can share to help you understand the current landscape and our answer to help you protect your assets, at the ISP level!


The Cybersecurity Landscape & Threat Intelligence


What is eSentinel™?


360° Defense in Depth


The common problems faced by businesses


What are the defense layers in Cybersecurity?


and many more!

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